Results Oriented Recovery Techniques

We strive for quick results and maximum recovery.

Police Report Ordering

We will obtain the police report at our cost.


We will file Arbitration for you as part of our agreed fee.

Customized Reporting Procedures

Call for copies of our report types and frequencies.

Monthly Reimbursement Processing

Recovered funds are disbursed the last business day of each month.

Asset Information (at a nominal fee)

Enables you to determine whether or not we should pursue through litigation or try to reach an economical settlement.

Skip Trace (at a nominal fee)

Allows us to find those running from their responsibilities.

National Pool of Process Servers

Allows us to serve those running from their responsibilities.

Driver's License Suspension

Places pressure on those uninsured motorists.

National Pool of Attorneys

If it comes to litigation, we have the resources to recover your funds nationwide.

Call our customer number for more information.

    Phone: 816.505.0778
    Toll Free: 888.967.8276